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Don’t let one of the most important investments in your life — your home — disintegrate because of foundation problems. Power Jack offers a wide range of services necessary to repair residential and commercial structures. Whether you have noticed a small crack in your wall, your house’s brick and mortar separating, or serious concrete block sliding, Power Jack can save your house’s foundation by using the correct foundation maintenance repair techniques needed to sustain your home’s value and maintain your safety. 

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Power Jack Foundation Repair is a locally owned, full service company that has been in business for over 15 years. With this experience, our company knows the common foundational issues associated with the type of soil in different parts of Texas.
Whether it is the fault of the builder or just natural shifting of the ground, foundation problems, without repair, can ruin your home. As one of the most reputable and sought-after experts in the foundation repair business since the early nineties, Power Jack is the smartest choice for your foundation needs. 

Power Jack believes that the customer deserves top quality repair, regardless of how long it takes, at a price that is affordable.
Don’t let your home’s foundation problems become worse with time. Contact Power Jack for a no obligation quote by using the easy contact form above, or use our main contact form located here

Power Jack Foundation Repair is located in Dallas and Ft Worth and serves homeowners throughout North Texas, including Dallas, Ft. Worth, Arlington, North Richland Hills, Grapevine, Carrollton, Duncanville, Irving, Richardson, Grand Prairie, Plano, Allen, Frisco, Garland, Mesquite, Denton, McKinney, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Lake Dallas, and as far South as Waco.

Power Jack Foundation Repair has a reputation of great work and customer service. See what our customers have been saying about us or leave a review of your own.

Steel Pier Performance at Concrete Pier Prices

10 Reasons To Choose The Power Jack Steel Pier


The pier is designed, engineered, manufactured and installed by Power Jack. This gives us control over the quality of the pier and the cost at which we can provide it to the customer.


The Power Jack Bracket is the strongest in the business. It utilizes a 3/4" steel plate as its base, as opposed to the thinner steel used by the competition. This results in less flex on the grade beam of the home during installation.


Power Jack utilizes its Revolutionary Bracket Cradle System. The Power Jack Pier cradles your home as opposed to being bolted to it. Using a high-intensity Fusion Weld, the pier is not reliant on a few bolts to hold up your home. Instead, the Power Jack Pier supports the house permanently from underneath, supporting the weight with its own strength.


Power Jack has its 2 foot guide tube attached permanently to the bracket. This guarantees the integrity of the pier throughout installation. Other companies use a separate guide sleeve to install their piers. These companies fail to protect the pier at its most important location, called “the moment”.This term refers to the point at which the installed load is transferred from the guide tube to the pier stem.


Power Jack uses only the highest quality materials. Our pier sections are made from new N-80 or similar steel casing. This is the strongest steel casing available in the industry. Other steel pier companies use either used Schedule-40 maverick welded tube (inherently weak in the seam) or used or acid flushed J-55 steel (aged/deteriorated steel sent back from overseas). These lower grade materials are clearly inferior. Some companies try to cover up their substandard materials by painting them. The paint will not help support your home.


Power Jack uses a 30" section of pipe with an 8" connector between each section. Competitors use a five foot section of pipe with a 6" connector. Our system allows for a total of 16” of connection over 5 feet of pier as opposed to 12" for the competition. This gives Power Jack a stronger pier.


To achieve optimal pier depth, the Power Jack Steel Pier is open-ended as it penetrates the earth to rock. This allows for the proper soil displacement to occur so that the pier can penetrate as deep as necessary. Some competitors cap the penetrating end of the pier. This results in soil compaction, reducing the ability of the pier to fully penetrate to its optimal depth. At the same time, the capped piers also increase the possibility of pier deflection, further undermining the integrity of the pier.


The Exclusive Power Jack Steel Pier Driving Method is superior to any pier installation method on the market. Utilizing maximum driving force, the Power Jack Steel Pier is able to penetrate deeper than any other pier system. By exerting pressure from the top as opposed to using grippers to pull from the sides, Power Jack is able to get a deeper driven pier with less deflection than the competition.


The Power Jack Driving Tower attaches directly to the pier bracket. This makes the installation process comparable to the pulling on of a boot by the boot straps. The result is less flex of the grade beam, which in turn results in less damage to the home.


Power Jack uses a process called Sequential Lifting to return the home to as close to its original position as possible. This process utilizes independent lifting units for a precisely controlled lift. This system is far superior to the “one size fits all” manifold lifting methods used by the competition.
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