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Helical Pier
Helical Piers have been used for stabilizing structures since the early 1800’s. Originally, starting in lighthouse foundations, Helical Piers used a wooden shaft with an iron helix. With advancements in technology, Helical Piers went from using these wooden shaft designs to using a steel pipe piling with multiple spiral helix plates welded to the lead section of the piling. A typical helical pier can have one to three helix plates ranging from 8” to 16” in diameter. 

Helical Piers are screwed into the ground, like a corkscrew, until it reaches stable soil. Once the helical pier is installed, a bracket is placed under the foundation footing. This bracket keeps the helical pier in place to ensure that the structure is supported by the pier. After the pier is installed it can even help lift the structure – which can restore the value of your home.

Helical steel piers provide excellent foundation repair underpinning and are ideal for providing lift in concrete foundations. These piers are generally recommended by engineers to stabilize the perimeter of homes and businesses that have inadequate beams. Additionally, helical piers are excellent for foundation repair of lightweight foundations including additions and pier and beam foundations. For most foundation problems Helical Piers are an excellent choice. They can be used to correct damage caused by organic soils, clay, poor compaction, improper footer embedding, erosion or stabilizing houses affected by sinkholes or sinkhole activities.

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