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Commercial Foundations Case Studies: Log Cabin Village

Thursday, June 1st, 2017 by Heather Price


The historic Log Cabin Village has sat in the heart of Fort Worth since the early 1950s, where it preserves many of the citiy's historic log cabins, including the Seela Cabin .  The rustic cabin, built in the 1860s, has undergone extensive restoration and additions, including a rock chimney attached to the structure of the cabin.  As the chimney has settled over the years, it had begun to tilt away from the cabin causing a large gap between the chimney and the fireplace where rainwater would leak into the living quarters.  The City of Fort Worth, who maintains the Village, wanted to lift and stabilize the chimney back to the structure of the cabin, closing the 5 inch gap.  Power Jack Foundation Repair inspected the chimney and noted a noticeable tilt causing the gap as well as a safety hazard to the cabin's visitors.  


To lift and stabilize the chimney to the Seela Cabin, Power Jack Foundation Repair installed a total of 4 FSI Push Piers.  Two of the piers were installed to the outer wall of the chimney to provide the lift and the remaining two were installed on each side of the chimney to provide the stabilization.  Before the piers could be installed, the crew led by James Magee Jr, began the job by removing the rugged soil from where the piers were to be installed.  The footing of the foundation was discovered about 5 feet into the dig where the crew was able to install a steel bracket underneath the foundation.  The crew was then able to drive the two outer wall piers through the brackets into competent soil to provide the lift the chimney needed to push the chimney back to the cabin's structure.  Once this lift was complete, the remaining two piers were installed, one on each side of the chimney, to provide the stabilization that the chimney needed.  The Seela Cabin chimney is now restored and permanently fixed, just in time for the summer visitors!


Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Power Jack Foundation Repair

Foreman: James Magee Jr.

System Design Specialist: Russ Neely

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Heather Price joined the team at Power Jack Foundation Repair in February 2017. As the Marketing Manager, she oversees the company's marketing department.

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