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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Front of home is lifted in Carrollton, TX

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 by Heather Price


This home is located in an area of the metroplex that is known for its clay soil type with high shrink-swell properties.  Because of this, overtime this homeowner experienced an extreme amount of settlement in the home's slab foundation as well as plumbing issues.  To address repairs, the first call was made to a plumber to fix the leaks.  Once the leaks were repaired the homeowner contacted a different foundation repair company come to address the home's foundation issues.  About a year after the original foundation repairs the homeowner began to notice additional foundation issues in the same areas; cracks in the outside brick, floors sloping, and tiles in the kitchen were cracked.  Not wanting to call the original foundation repair company, the homeowner contacted Power Jack Foundation Repair to come and repair the foundation, PERMANENTLY.  


Power Jack Foundation Repair sent out our System Design Specialist, Russ, to complete measurements and a full inspection of the home's foundation.  Russ designed a plan that was suitable for the homeowner with the guarantee of a permanent solution.  The home did not need to be piered all the way around at this time, as the front of the home was the area of concern.  

Our foundation crew began by installing (8) steel push piers on the front-left side of the home adjacent to the garage.  A 4x4 hole is dug to unveil the bottom of the slab foundation where the footer is placed to allow the piers to be hydraulically driven through steel brackets.  By driving the piers through the brackets, the crew was able to reach depths of competent soil or bedrock.  This creates a permanent solution for the homeowner.  Once this side of the lift was complete, the crew shifted their attention to the right front side of the home, installing  (7) additional piers to lift this side of the home.  

At job completion, a total of (15) exterior FSI Steel Piers were installed to the perimeter of this home.  The final engineers inspection, conducted by Delta Ply, concluded that the piers were installed in the locations necessary to lift and stabilize this home's foundation.  It was also concluded that the unpiered portion of the home should be monitored as it may experience settlement in the future.  If that happens, this homeowner will contact Power Jack Foundation Repair to permanently stabilize that area as well after achieving such satisfactory results!  




Project Summary

System Design Specialist: Russ Neely

Foreman: James Magee Jr.

Engineer: Delta Ply

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Heather Price joined the team at Power Jack Foundation Repair in February 2017. As the Marketing Manager, she oversees the company's marketing department.

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